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But this is no longer the case! Everybody wants it all, but for as long as we can remember this has never been possible and will continue to be impossible in the future as well. What we can do, however, is create the opportunity to actually improve. Personally, I deal with people from all walks of life, cultures and nationalities every day and what really strikes me is the distinct difference between those people who have stayed where they were born, cared for and assisted by their families, and those who left at a young age to explore the world. The latter have an unexpected ability to understand things and, above all, they have that talent that I call vision which means they are able to react quickly. Unfortunately, in the current climate of rapidly changing times, none of us can progress slowly, stall for time, or think calmly about how to solve some problem or other. If we carry on like this, our future will be incredibly confused and stressful, with nothing but mediocre results. A chosen few are already working towards this goal, just take a look at the activities which we highlight in this edition. And I applaud these examples of excellence because I am quite certain they will be joined by many others in the future.

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